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Photo Gallery
woods Fire - Westville Rd
Monday, February 14, 2011

On Monday 2/14/11 Kent Center alerted station 56 for a woods fire on Westville Rd., just west of Mowley Lane. Brush 56 went responding with a crew of 2 with firefighter LePore as officer. Engine 56-4 went responding with a crew of 3, officer 56-21 (Bolden). While units were enroute Kent Center advised they recieved several calls advising of a large woods fire. Brush 56 had kent center upgrade response bring station 51 to scene. Brush 56 arrived to a large woods fire rapidly spreading due to dry windy conditions and advised it was now on the Maryland side. Firefighter Lepore established command and requested a response out of station 700, and a engine transfer to our station. Station 41 was alerted to transfer to station 56. Engine 4 arrived, command had them go past brush 56 and try to make a stop on the fire. The fire had jumped the road and was rapidly spreading. Engine 4's crew quickly deployed an 1-3/4 handline and some forestry line and started to make a quick knock. Brush 51-9 arrived and started assisting with extinguishment. Tanker 706 arrived and supplied engine 4 and brush 51-9. Tanker 56 arrived and supplied brush 56. Command requested engine 41-3 to the scene.56-15 (Madden) arrived on his private fourwheeler and checked the perimeter. Station 46 was then alerted to transfer 1 engine to station 56. tanker 51 arrived and supplied tanker 706, while engines 41-3 and 51-5 shuttled water from the town of Henderson. Command requested Maryland Forrestry to the scene. Brush 51-0 arrived and took the west division. crews made a quick knockdown and stop. Command placed situation under control and started releasing units.


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