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Photo Gallery
S.C.B.A. Training - Marydel
Monday, April 11, 2011

On Monday April 11, 2011 the Marydel Fire Company hosted an inservice training on Self Contained Breathing apparatus for members. First Part of training included Lt. Albia going over the different working pieces of the breathing apparatus, followed by members dis-assembling and finding the pieces while being blindfolded. The next part included teams of two, blindfolded, trying to search for pieces of the apparatus and assembling it, members quickley learned how communication is an essential part of teamwork. the final phase of training included members in teams of two on a hoseline, the evacuation tones were giving, they had to crawl back thru a maze in the firehouse listening to the tones of the "TED" following the hoseline back to the fire truck. Members enjoyed this evenings training and learned some valuable lessons while having fun. Thanks to all who participated.


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