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Photo Gallery
Assist Station 41 with a woods fire - 6207 Mud Mill Rd., Wyoming
Sunday, September 19, 2010

On a busy sunday afternoon for the ambulance, Kent Center alerted the Marydel Fire Company for a tanker / brush piece assist station 41 (Camden) with a woods and field fire in the 6200 block of Mud Mill Road. Brush 56 went responding in one Minute, with a crew of 2, with officer 56-25 (Collins), Engine 56-4 went responding with a crew 4 with officer 56-17 (Melvin), the tanker went responding with a crew of 2 with officer 56-16 (Simonsen), Engine-Tanker 56-2 went responding with a crew of 5 with officer 56-23. As units arrived command assigned the brush to assist stopping the fire to spreading into the standing corn field, crews from engine 2 and 4 assisted with suppression, while engine 2 supplied engine 41-4, the tanker supplied engine 56-4. During the operation Brush 56 suffered mechanical difficulties and had to be taken out of service. When repairs were completed command had already placed situation under control. Units cleared as crews returned. While we were at the scene engine 51-3 (Hartly) transferred to station 56, many thanks to the Hartly Fire Company.


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