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Photo Gallery
Chicken House Fire - Cow Marsh Creek Rd.
Sunday, December 14, 2008

At 1253 hrs. Sta. 56, & Sta. 700 were dispatched to a building fire. 56-15 Chief Madden went responding POV and advised Kent Center smoke was in the air sound 2nd alarm. Chief Madden then went on location with a 700' x 50' chicken house heavy fire showing calling for additional Tankers to respond. 56-1 laid 600' LDH and all hand lines were put into service and 56-18 A/C Melvin was given operations then 703 laid a 2nd 600' LDH and 715 Chief Bartz was given water supply. B-41 was asigned rehab. 56-4 set up a draft at Mud Mill Pound. All other units manpower was sent to the scene and Engines and 10 wheel Tankers were put into shuttle operations while the Tractor Trailer Tankers were set up as nurse Tankers. The electric company and a excavator were called to the scene along with the FM. Chief Madden place under control at 1402 hrs. with units working and all units cleared at 1548 hrs. Units on scene: Marydel Engines 56-1, 56-2, 56-4, and Tanker 56. Goldsboro Engines 703, 702, Tanker 704. Camden Eng. 41-3, Tanker 41-5, B-41. Felton Eng. 48-2, Tanker 48-5. Hartly Engines 51-3, 51-5, Squirt 51-7, Tanker 51, Utility 51-8, Air & Light 51. Greenboro Eng. 603 Tanker 606. Magnolia Eng. 55-3, Tanker 55. Sudlersville Engine 64, Tanker 6. and FM unit. Cover ups: Sta. 56 Dover Eng. 46-2. Sta.51 Clayton Eng. 45-4. Sta. 48 Harrington Eng. 50-5. Sta. 41 Little Creek Eng. 54-2 and South Bowers Eng. 57-5 & Tanker 57.


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