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Recent News

Job Posting
Dec 31, 2019
Dec 31, 2019 - Part–time Emergency Medical Technician Click here to apply:

Volunteers Wanted!!
Dec 31, 2019
Dec 31, 2019 - The Marydel Volunteer Fire Company is looking for Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Personnel to serve their community. Contact Us for more information at 302-492-1965. Check us out on Facebook.

Working Fire In the 5-2 Box
Sep 20, 2019
Sep 20, 2019 - On Friday September 20,2019 Stations 56 ,51 and Caroline County Station 700 were alerted for a structure.56-15 responded and went on the scene and established Lepore Road Command.Engine 56-1 Responded and was directed to deploy a handline to the front door.Engine 56-1 Firefighters made the entry and was met with fire conditions in the kitchen,the fire was quickly knocked down and crews from Stations 51 and 700 assisted with over haul operations. Lepore Road Command Placed the Box Under Control Holding Units Working. Special Thank you to Station 600 (Greensboro) for covering our district.

Main Street Training Building
Jun 26, 2019
Jun 26, 2019 - On 26 June 2019 Members Completed Scene Size up and Search and Rescue Evolutions during the primary search of the structure firefighters were able to locate and Rescue a down subject with no other findings during the secondary search.Thank You to those who participated.

First Due Fire
May 25, 2019
May 25, 2019 - On 25 May 2019 Kent County Call Board alerted Units to the House fire.Deputy Chief Madden Made the Response and went on the scene and established Pony Track Rd Command advising Kent County Call board of a One Story Single Family Dwelling with Smoke Showing From All Sides and that in was in the First Due Area Of Station 56. 56 Units with assistance from Mutual Aide Companies arrived on location and was directed by 56-16 to deploy attack lines and make entry for fire Attack Operations,Crews Made Entry to the fire room and was able to knock the bulk of the fire down and overhaul operations began.56-16 placed the situation under control holding 56 units and 48 and 41 units could return.Special thanks To Station 51 for handling the Cover Assignment.

Red Line Red Donation
Mar 29, 2019
Mar 29, 2019 - On March 28, 2019, Harvest Ridge Winery, Marydel, Delaware, presented the Marydel Volunteer Fire Company with two checks as part of their fundraising efforts and continuous community support. Harvest Ridge was able to raise $1215.00 to donate to two firefighter related organizations through the sale of their Red Line Red limited edition wine. Three dollars from every bottle sold was directly donated to these two worthy organizations. The Marydel Volunteer Fire Company was presented a check by winery representatives for $1000.00. The Terry Ferrel Fund will receive a check for $215.00, and was accepted on their behalf by President Randy Barr and Chief Justin Madden.

MVFC donates AED to Harvest Ridge Winery
Mar 29, 2019
Mar 29, 2019 - On March 27, 2019, employees from Harvest Ridge Winery participated in a CPR and AED class at Marydel Volunteer Fire Company. This training was necessary as the Winery recently recieved a donated AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) provided by the Marydel Fire Company. Although the Winery is in close proximity to the Firehouse, timing and early access are essential to saving the life of someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. With the many events Harvest Ridge hosts each year, and the large attendance at several of those events, the Marydel Volunteer Fire Company felt it was necessary for them to have their own AED. The Harvest Ridge Winery and the Marydel Volunteer Fire company have had a long standing community partnership that is sure to continue for many years to come

MVC Assist
Mar 13, 2019
Mar 13, 2019 - Station 56 was alerted to assist Caroline County Station 700 on an MVC at 2114 hours Rescue 56 Responded with 56-15w/6 and Engine 56-1w/18 and 4,Rescue 56 went on the scene confirming a single vehicle rollover off the road way and into the woods 56-15 Assumed Bee Tree Road Command Rescue 56 Crew secured the vehicle and then Started a search of the area for any Possible Ejected Patients.There were negative findings of any patients.56-15 transfered command to 718 who then placed the Rescue Box under Control Holding Units on the Scene.

DCW Wrestling returns to Marydel
Feb 23, 2019
Feb 23, 2019 - DCW Wrestling returns to Marydel, for the first time in 8 years. Advance tickets are available at the Station and by calling 443-786-9147 Tickets are also available at Luigis Pizza in Woodside and The Little Grocer in Dover! Doors Open at 6pm Belltime at 7pm For VIP/Preferred seating call 302-331-5408

Vehicle Fire Henderson Rd.
Feb 20, 2019
Feb 20, 2019 - On 2/20/2019 at 18:38 MVFC was alerted for a vehicle fire on Henderson Rd in the area of Gooden Rd. 56-1 with a crew of 5 with officer 56-15 and Tanker 56 crew of two with officer 56-19 went responding. Upon going on location crews found a vehicle off the road way in the ditch with the engine compartment on fire. Crew from 56-1 pulled the trash line and extinguished the fire. Scene was then turned over to M.S.P and 56 units cleared

Improvements underway in our Banquet Hall
Jan 16, 2019
Jan 16, 2019 - One of many improvements that are underway here at the Station, We have installed a new floor in the hall near the bar. We have plans to remodel the bathrooms in the hall as well. Upgrades to the sound system are also in the works.

Delaware Senate Awards Buffy Madden
Jan 11, 2019
Jan 11, 2019 - On January 11, 2019 during our monthly wing night,  Senator Dave Lawson Awarded Past Chief Gary "Buffy" Madden with a Tribute from the Delaware Senate for his 25 consecutive years of service as Fire Chief.

2019 Officers
Jan 2, 2019
Jan 2, 2019 - The elected Officers of the Marydel Fire Company, Inc. were installed tonight at our monthly meeting. Jason Capps, President of the Delaware State Ambulance Association performed the installation. Below is a list of the Officer’s for 2019. President: Randy Barr Vice President: William Lepore Secretary: Denise Madden Treasurer: Les States Fire Recorder: Mike Bredin Board of Directors: Leon Hyde Board of Directors: Andy Kline Board of Directors: Earl Lofland SR. Fire Chief: Justin Madden Deputy Chief: Gary Madden 1st Assistant Chief: Randy Barr 2nd Assistant Chief: Ricky Thomas Captain: Gary Bolden Captain: Josh Hartnett Lieutenant: Gregory Bolden Lieutenant: Mike Bredin Crew Leader: Brandon Thompson Chief Engineer: Earl Lofland JR. Assistant Engineer: Earl Lofland SR. Fire Police 56-30: Les State Fire Police 56-31: Leon Hyde Fire Police 56-32: Chris Fox Fire Police 56-33: Andy Kline Fire Police 56-34: Earl Lofland SR. Fire Police 56-35: Carl Buck

Santa's Special Visit
Dec 22, 2018
Dec 22, 2018 - This afternoon The Marydel Fire Company welcomed Santa in to town. Santa had a surprise visit to a very special person. Santa asked Chief Buffy Madden to give him a ride to Gerimiah's house. You see, Santa asked us to do this for him because this was Geremiah's Christmas wish again this year. He asked Santa to visit him this Christmas on a firetruck! The reindeer were too busy resting up for the long ride on Tuesday. Chief Buffy Madden arrived at Gerimiah's house and established Operation Santa. On arrival Gerimiah was excited when Santa exited the fire truck. Santa greeted Gerimiah, Rily, and Anaiyah and offered to take them for a ride. Gerimiah was eager to go. He loved the ride with Santa. He also loved the sirens. On behalf of the Marydel Volunteer Fire Company and the Pennington family we would like to wish Gerimiah, Rily, Anaiyah and family A Very Merry Christmas!

MVC Rollover
Mar 14, 2018
Mar 14, 2018 - 03/14/2018
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