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Waterfowl Dream Package/ Now Available in Online Store
**Raffle Tickets Now Available in Online Store. Raffle tickets are available for our Waterfowl Dream Package

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MVFC hosting Fall Craft Show
The Marydel Volunteer Fire Company is once again hosting a Fall Craft Show on Saturday October 25, 2014 from 9:00am to 3:00pm at the U.L. Memorial hall at 110 Firehouse Ln Marydel, Delaware 19964 Please note that the time for set up will be at 7:00 am. (No earlier)

You can reserve a space to the show......

Recent News
MVFC Press Release
Oct 22, 2014 - Marydel Volunteer Fire Company 110 Firehouse Ln. Marydel DE 19964 Phone: (302) 492-9917 Fax: (302) 492- 8908

To all persons in the Marydel fire district and surrounding communities, Recently the Marydel Volunteer Fire Company Inc. underwent a review from the State of Delaware, Office of Auditor of Accounts. Through this review there were some discrepancies with thier findings. Members have been utilizing plans set for years that are out dated. The Marydel Volunteer Fire Company Inc. has been made aware of updates to policies and procedures that need to be corrected and we will be implementing them while making corrective actions. As stated in the audit performed by the Office of Auditor of Accounts, The MVFC did purchase rings to award members as they reached milestones in their career with the department. This is a one-time large expense and an annual minimum expense. The Board of Directors put this in place to help keep members active with the high manpower demands of the fire service. The Marydel Volunteer Fire Company Inc. utilizes 1st Due BBQ for numerous functions and does not feel there is any wrongful doing between the Fire Chief, Treasurer, and 1st Due BBQ. The Marydel Volunteer Fire Company is working with the Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association to ensure operations and accounts are following all guidelines and obligations. The Marydel Volunteer Fire Company will continue to strive to improve our overall system. An outside accountant will be hired to handle and oversee the funds of the company. We want to ensure our community that we will continue to provide the very best fire, rescue, and EMS service to the citizens. The Marydel Volunteer Fire Inc. intends to learn from this and move forward in a positive direction.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jason R. Mills, Secretary

MVC Car Off the Roadway
Aug 24, 2014 - MVC Mahan Corner Rd & Still Rd.

Local Weather
57o Cloudy
16 MPH North East
Thu October 23, 2014
Upcoming Events
November 5, 2014 - Company Meeting
December 3, 2014 - Company Meeting
Recent Gallery Entries
MVC Rollover / Mahan Corner Rd
Aug 8, 2014 - At 19:14 hrs the MFVC was alerted by Kent Center for a MVC with rollover on Mahan Corner Rd in the area of Mud Mill Rd. 56-15 (B. Madden) arrived to find a one vehicle MVC rollover with minor injuries, 56-15 established Mahan Corner Road Command. 56-3 responded with a crew of 7 and officer 56-21 (Melvin). 56-3 was directed to secure the vehicles and assess for injuries. 56-3's crew secure the vehicle B-56 Transported the patient to KGH. Engine 56-1 went responding with a crew of 6 and staged on scene. All units cleared and scene was turned over to DSP.

Chief Morris defeats Chief Pennington by 1 Wing in Eat Off
Aug 8, 2014 - Battle of the Chief's was a neck and neck battle for the first 8 minutes, As time expired and both had ate the same amout of wings through the first 8 minutes of the contest. A two minute eat off between the two chief's was won by Ray Morris. Only one wing decided the first ever "Clucked Up" Champion. Congratulations to Chief Morris. Chief Pennington you made it real close and showed great sportsmanship. I do believe you won the fan favorite award though. Thanks to both of you.

Thu, Oct 23, 20147:19
Problem: Traffic Collision
Address:Tobacco Rd Camden Wyoming, DE 19934
Tue, Oct 21, 20144:52
Problem: Withheld
Address:17840 Cool Spring Rd Marydel, MD 21649
Tue, Oct 21, 20144:52
Problem: Medical Emergency
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